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2023 VShow "WONDERLAND" Singers and Dancers Cast List

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2023 VShow "WONDERLAND" Singers and Dancers Cast List

Thank you to all that auditioned! Decisions were very difficult to make. Please continue to check your email over Winter Break as you will receive further instructions there about rehearsal schedules/etc. We look forward to you making this the... BEST V-SHOW EVER!


John Albrecht, Sophia Bienko, Peter Canalia, Samuel Cotton, Reese Foxman, Luke Gamber, Lily Geimer, Peter Hitzeman, Ellie Moen, Leah Plasterer, Asher Preston, Eliana Pritikin, Jeremy Rabor, Kenzie Schuh, Tanner Treger, Anthony Tu, Vera Vassilyeva, Bekah Vogt, Alyssa Yagelski, Joshua Zingerman

Back-Up Singers

George Abraham, Niki Alexis, Layla Ayaleanos, Lila Becker, Meredith Bill, Lourdes Bouchard, Sarah Carr, Jubilee Chen, Pari Desai, Ellie Donahue, Selma Farhan, Grace Finn, Sasha Friedman, Enk Ganzorig, Dylan Hartbarger, Kathleen Hiltebrand, Kelly Hood, Paige Johnson, Hannah Jung, Jia Kim, George Kunnel, Sarah Lau, Charles League, Sabine Lee, Naomi Lewis, Kayla Mathai, Ellory Moran, Tricia Newman, Lidiia Okilko, Maria Paradies, Anna Pataky, Freya Pasquesi Pederson, Sophie Pederson, Grace Penne, Madeleine Preston, Hannah Sawyer, Kathleen Sawyer, Coco Schluchter, Emily Shim, Michael Uhlemann, Madeline Uhlemann, Sienna Vamos, Tedi Velitchkova, Charlotte Wahlert, Boden Williams, Gretchen Williamson, Lucy Wills, Andrew Yang, Isabella Zimmer, Maha Zulfiqar

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