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Special Interest

Album Club

Music, conversation, coffee. The quintessential components of both Album Club and the good life. We meet on Friday mornings at 7:30 am in room 2109. Contact Mr. Rhoades for more information.

Meeting Information: Friday (weekly) before school Room 2109

Sponsor(s): Benjamin Widner


Anime Club discusses and watches Anime Feature films (i.e., Spirited Away, Your Name, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, My Hero Academia) and select Episodes from various Anime Series (ie- One Punch Man, Bleach, Cells at Work, One Piece, Dr. Stone). The Club leadership chooses what we watch but suggestions are appreciated! Please respect everyone's taste and opinions! Our big event of the year is when we attend the ACEN Midwest Anime & Manga Convention in Rosemont in May!

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 2329

Sponsor(s): Joseph Mulloy

Book Club

Book Club is a friendly club for students who love books! We meet once a month to talk about a book we've read. All students welcome and all types of books considered.

Meeting Information: Wednesday (monthly) after school Library Classroom (1229A)

Sponsor(s): Lauren Gruber

Journaling & Calligraphy Club

introspective. Members learn many different types of journaling and often focus on developing bullet journaling and calligraphy skills. This club is inclusive and welcomes anyone who wants to practice and share their creativity!

Meeting Information: Wednesday (every other) after school Room 1170 (Foods)

Sponsor(s): Laura Croak

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club meets once a week for students interested in writing (stories, poetry, etc.). Students come together to share their work, get feedback, collaborate, brainstorm, and support their writing projects in an open and welcoming environment.

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly)after school Room 2151

Sponsor(s): Kimiko Garbe, Gwen Quigley

Digital Music Production Club

Allow students with the common interest of Digital Music Production to have a forum to collaborate

Meeting Information: TBD

Sponsor(s): Renee Travers

DnD Club

If you've ever played fantasy video games, you already know a little about Dungeons and Dragons. Come play the original tabletop game with a live Dungeon Master after creating your own character. No prior experience necessary- we can teach you!

Meeting Information: Friday (weekly) after school Room 1174

Sponsor(s): Amelia Alpert

Fashion Club

This club is for anyone interested in studying fashion, as well as creating fashion pieces. (Fall/Spring only)

Meeting Information: Fashion Club will not be holding meetings at this time, but will be combined with FCCLA.

Sponsor(s): Melissa Pfister

Investments Club

This club is for students who are interested in exploring the world of finance and investing. No prior experience needed!

Meeting Information: Wednesdays (every other) at 7:30 a.m. in room 1137

Sponsor(s): Brian Whalen


HEAL (Hope, Empathy, Awareness, Love)

HEAL is committed to raising awareness about mental health. We will conduct activities, bring in speakers, and collaborate with other clubs to raise awareness throughout the building.

Meeting Information: Mondays (weekly) after school Student Services Conference Room

Sponsor(s): Thea Sullivan and Chrissy Zagorski

Journalism Club

Journalism Club gives students a community to discuss the art and production of journalism in all forms. This club focuses on exploring different journalists and their work as well as examining career paths related to journalism.

Meeting Information: Monday (weekly) after school Room 2182

Sponsor(s): Brenda Field

Juggling Club

The Juggling Club is comprised of students interested in juggling. No experience or level of expertise is required. Training and practice is provided at weekly meetings. The club performs for various school and community functions.

Meeting Information: Monday (weekly) after school East Cafe

Sponsor(s): Robert Shellard

Knitting Club

Do you like to knit or crochet? Have you always wanted to learn to knit? Please stop by the Knitting Club on Mondays after school to knit, crochet, craft and chat.  No experience is necessary, and we can supply you with materials.

Meeting Information: Mondays (weekly) after school

Sponsor(s): Kimiko Garbe, Lara Cummings


We utilize student designs and artwork to create a better environment at GBS. This is executed through projects we design and build, commissioned by GBS staff.

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 1363

Sponsor(s): Diane Dillon

MicroFinance Club

MicroFinance club works with students to use skill sets such as marketing, financing, and communication to gain capital, in order to be able to provide funding for underserved businesses.

Meeting Information: Tuesday (every other) after school Room 2172

Sponsor(s): Samantha Haugen

Paranormal Club

Paranormal Club watches scary movies and has discussions about hauntings, psychic powers, aliens, poltergeists, cryptozoology, UFO's, and other strange phenomena.

Our big event of the year is attending Six Flags Fright Fest!

Meeting Information: Wednesday (weekly) after school Room 2329

Sponsor(s): Joseph Mulloy

Pep Club Board

Are you a current Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior?  Do you want to be someone that leads the rest of the student body in GBS spirit?! This spring we will be conducting interviews to select the board who will help organize and lead activities during NEXT school year.  We are looking for applicants that can contribute in the areas of EXTREME spirit, organization, or time dedication.  Look for announcements this spring to apply!

Meeting Information: Meeting dates and locations are TBD based on student schedules

Pep Club (Titan Nation)

All students ARE a member of Titan Nation (Pep Club).  What can you do to help infuse pep into our school?  Wear blue and gold on Fridays! Attend sporting events and other activities! And overall, demonstrate a positive and helpful character day in and day out at GBS.  If you are interested in helping out even more than mentioned, please fill out the google form above so that we can contact you to help us with activities throughout the year!  Activities include sign painting, pep rallies and general support of all activities and athletic teams, from badminton to wrestling.

Meeting Information: No specific meeting date/time. Please fill out our Google Form to find out about the engagement opportunities as they arise throughout the year

Sponsor(s): Sarah Davis, Jill Serling

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Philosophy Club

What defines moral obligation? How should we ethically treat animals? Is technology good or bad for society? GBS Philosophy club will examine all of these questions and more. We will also discuss current events and moral dilemmas with a philosophical lens. Occasionally, we will have guest expert speakers to provide insight on our discussions. No knowledge of philosophy or philosophical concepts necessary.

Meeting Information: Tuesdays from 3:15-4:00 p.m. in room 2125.

Sponsor: Daniel Hicks

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Public Art Collaborative

Art is essential to being human, and, as such we work to prioritize artistic expression within GBS and in the broader community. No artistic experience is needed to participate.

**Meeting frequency fluctuates based on whether we are actively working on a project.

Meeting Information: Depends on project - contact sponsor for dates

Sponsor(s): Scott Glass

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SAFE (Self Appreciation for Everybody)

This club aims to promote body positivity and general mental wellness. Also promotes awareness about eating disorders and provides support for those struggling with a disorder or affiliated with someone who may be struggling.

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 1357

Sponsor(s): Despina Mandarino

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SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance)

Our purpose is to create a safe space for students who are trans, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, questioning, or allies of the LGBTQ+ community.  We work to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and create fellowship amongst club members.  Please reach out to the sponsors for more information or the Zoom link.

If you are questioning or need support, you can always reach out to the sponsors.  We are here for you.  These websites also provide support and more information.

*Contact sponsor for Zoom meeting information.

Meeting Information: (weekly) after school Room 2113

Sponsor(s): Matthew Bertke, Lauren Haugh

SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism)

SOAR is a space for club members to feel a sense of community and safety while we discuss issues related to race and racism at GBS and in the world. Students use different forms of activism to make GBS a more equitable place for all students. This club is open to everyone and we always welcome new members. Come join our family!

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 2136

Sponsor(s): Laura Jane Elgass, Marshall Harris, Jennifer Friedmann

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Sports Analytics Club

Sports Analytics Club is a place where we will be plugging in statistics into mathematical equations to predict future play outcomes and game results. 

Meeting Information: Every Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. in room 1190

Sponsor(s): Michael Sinde

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Yoga & Mindfulness Club

Yoga and Mindfulness Club is an open club for all students interested in practicing or learning more about yoga and meditation. We hope to provide a low-maintenance outlet to help better mental and physical health for students at Glenbrook South. At our meetings, you can expect to participate in yoga lessons, meditation lessons, and fun activities on a multitude of topics ranging from manifestation to yoga bingo to psychology!

Meeting Information: Friday (weekly) before school East Gym

Sponsor(s): Pantra Hoeft

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